Selling your Christmas Album online

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Recordings 4 Schools are delighted to announce that you can now sell digital copies of your school Christmas CD through our online shop.  We have been making digital files available as part of the CD ‘package’ for some time. However, responding to the needs and wishes of our customers we are now offering you the option of purchasing a digital album online.   For those who buy the CD, the digital version will still be included for free.

Why do you still sell CDs?

For our school recordings, the CD is still very much part of the project.  The actual disc itself is merely a delivery mechanism – indeed that’s a a CD has ever been – a means to transfer digital audio files from one place to another.  Lots of people still prefer to buy a CD because it gives them a ‘hard copy’ of the music rather than relying on digital files being stored only on a hard drive.   Of course hard drive storage is far cheaper now than it used to be and far more reliable.  Therefore the need for a ‘physical’ copy is lessening.

Nevertheless, our CDs are not just about audio distribution.   The CD packaging is an important part of the project as we give pupils the opportunity to design the front cover – as well as having other artwork and content featured inside the CD case.

Offline Media

In many ways it’s a bit like the school photograph.  My daughter is currently 6.  Like many parents I have numerous photographs and videos of her on my iPhone.  Nevertheless, each year I purchase the school photo, the individual photo and the class photo, various ones of which are hanging around the house.  Maybe I’m old fashioned but I do think there is still something about having an actual photograph on the wall.

Perhaps it is just reassuring.  Digital files can be deleted in an instant or lost without trace.   A physical photograph is something which is nailed to the wall and exists in the ‘real’ as opposed to ‘virtual’ world.

A few weeks ago I was rummaging around in the attic whilst investigating my ancestry.   I came across a couple of old photographs of an aunt and uncle who were married in the 1930s.   I have a few bits of other memorabilia as well but these are probably the only photographs.  I pondered that quite possibly these 2 slightly dog eared photographs where perhaps the only visual memory of these people remaining.   And this got me thinking.

Whilst we all have hundreds if not thousands of photographs on our phones which come everywhere with us, what is the long term future for such media?   Without sounding morbid, what happens to all these digital files when we are gone?  After all, if the only copy is on your phone or even a computer, this is easily deleted or otherwise lost.  There is an argument that future generations may not need thousands of photographs or videos.  But I’m sure for many, some sort of memory would be nice.

Schools CDs as a keepsake

And this is the point of still producing CDs.  In time, CD players may cease to exist and we may distribute the audio via a USB stick or similar physical medium.  But regardless of that, the physical packaging and designs / information will still remain.

Digital album Sales

So having expounded the virtues of the CD and its packaging, back to the main point of this post which is that schools can now sell digital copies of their albums online.  Ultimately for all my nostalgia over old photographs, the world is changing and our job as a business is to change and work with the times.    We hope that by offering digital album sales alongside the physical CDs for now, we are offering the best of both worlds.

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