5 Reasons to record a Christmas CD at your Primary School

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There are plenty of reasons why your school might consider recording a Christmas CD.  As we like making lists here at Recordings 4 Schools we have come up with 5 reasons why you should record an album this Christmas.  Recordings 4 Schools operate all over the UK and we have recorded in hundreds of Primary Schools and Prep Schools since 2004.   Christmas is way and above our busiest time of year as recording a Christmas CD or digital album is now a very popular idea for schools.  Not only is it fun and will engage your pupils, it carries no financial risk and could even make your school a profit.   In a nutshell there is at least two reasons for you, but let’s carry on with our list.

No financial risk to your school

First and foremost in most teachers minds when you mention the idea of a professional recording will be the cost.  Traditionally recording studios and the process of recording an album is considered expensive.  Indeed if you use one of the top studios in London then you could be looking at thousands of pounds before you even get inside!  Realistically this sort of model isn’t going to work for schools or indeed choirs.  And so we came up with a better option.

Our school recording service is free. There is no up front cost.  All you pay for are the CDs ordered.   If you choose the online option for sales there is currently a small charge for the recording session but you can recover this in full from sales of less than 50 albums.   Most schools reduce the risk by taking pre orders from parents before they even do the recording. This way you could even have profit in the bank before we have even recorded you!

Fundraising opportunity – raise £££s for your school

Whether you choose to sell CDs or digital albums online – or perhaps a mixture of both, there is a lot of scope to raise lots of money for your School.  Depending on how many CDs you order / sell the price from us is on a falling scale.   On average most schools tend to buy 200 CDs at a cost of £5 each and sell them to friends and parents for between £8 and £10.  You can see how easy it is to make quite a lot of money.  Sell all 200 CDs and thats £1000 profit for your school.  Which is yours to keep and use as you wish!

Once in a lifetime experience for your pupils

Let’s face it, how often do you get to record your own professional album?  It’s entirely possible of course that some of your pupils may go on to become professional musicians and might find recording studio visits part of their career.  But for the majority the chances are recording their school CD might be their only chance to experience what professional recording is like.

Once we have set up our recording gear in your school hall, it always makes us smile when the pupils walk in and often say ‘Wow its just like a real recording studio in here’.  That’s because it is!  We use the same kit you would find in any top recording studio.

Promote your School to the local community

A fundraising CD is a great opportunity to engage with and support your local community. Some Primary Schools even team up with local choirs to record a joint fundraising album.  Not only will this sell you more copies, but it is a great way of getting involved with your community.   You can also get the local media involved – most local newspapers are keen to hear about school recordings.   Again this is another way to promote not just your recording but also your school.

Help your School Ofsted Rating

A recording alone is not going to dramatically change your school Ofsted and we do not want to overstate this. Nevertheless we have had a lott of feedback from head teachers who have recorded with us to say that Ofsted look favourably on the recording both as an educational / extra curricular opportunity as well as signs the school is engaging with their community.


Whatever your reason for deciding to record a CD or digital album with your school, the run up to Christmas is a great time to record.  Certainly from the perspective of fundraising CDs make great Christmas presents.

To find out more about recording your Christmas CD with Recordings 4 Schools then please give us a call on 01225 302143.  Alternatively you can send us an email via our contact form.