Parking and Unloading our Recording Gear

Generally speaking, most schools we visit have a car park or some form of available parking outside the school – although this is not always the case.  We have visited schools in central London where parking is at a premium.  This is a bit of an issue!  Parking or at least unloading the kit is the biggest unknown of any job, certainly where we haven’t visited before.    We don’t necessarily need parking right outside the front door, or the hall all day, but we do need at least fairly close access in order to unload and then reload the kit.   Otherwise we can lose a lot of time just carrying the kit into the school which delays the setup. This in turn can then delay the start of the recording.

Arriving early

We generally tend to arrive at schools around 07.30am.  Firstly this enables us to avoid the morning rush hour. We don’t mind leaving early even if that involves setting off at 3am.  The important thing is we cannot afford to be late.  By arriving ahead of your school day, we have plenty of time to unload and setup. This is particularly important if we have a bit of a trek from the car park to the school hall or proposed recording venue. We don’t need much space, usually our team will arrive in a large estate car or a small van.

recording van

Our van out on location

Access to the venue

Once we have arrived and parked / signed in we start to unload and bring the recording gear in.   Whilst we have packed it as economically as possible, this generally involves around ten separate trips from the car.   Add to that the complication of school security gates and not being allowed to prop doors open, this can take quite a while.

This is primarily why we like to arrive before the school day starts.  If nothing else we can usually prop the door open for a few minutes (with a teacher posted there!) whilst we at least get the kit from the car into the school reception area.   It also helps if we can drive as close to the unloading point as possible – even if this is just for a few minutes whilst we get the kit out the car and into the School.   Once the kit is indoors, we can always go and re park the vehicle somewhere else during the day.

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