When can you record your school Christmas CD?


With Christmas fast approaching (yes I know it’s only October), more schools than ever are choosing Recordings 4 Schools to record their Christmas CD this year.   We have already made a start and have been recording some Christmas albums during September.  The main bulk of our Christmas recording occurs from mid October onwards, with a lot of schools choosing dates after half term.

There is balance to be had between recording early enough to ensure your CD is ready in time for Christmas Fairs etc versus leaving the recording date late enough to ensure there is plenty of time to practice the Christmas songs in school before we turn up to record.

When should you record your Christmas CD?

To record a Christmas CD at your school will typically take a day.   Recordings 4 Schools will arrive at your School early enough to be ready to start recording from around 9am.  The usual format is for each year group to sing a song or two plus a whole school and maybe a staff song.  We can also record choirs and instrumental groups if you have them at your school.

Our aim is to ensure the recording day is as least disruptive to your school timetable as possible.   Generally speaking each year group will come into the hall for around 15-20 minutes to record their song.   This means that, on the whole, you can run your school day as normal.   Just let the teachers know the approximate timetable for the day and all should be fine.

Half Term

For most schools half term represents a good balance between learning the songs for the CD versus finding time to record them.   We tend to carry out the vast majority of our Christmas CD recordings during late October and November. This gives a balance between time for the schools to learn the songs versus enough production time to have the CDs ready.  Most schools will want to sell the CDs at a Christmas fair or similar event.  School Christmas Fairs are usually any time from the first week of December.   Therefore a recording date during the second half of term is usually most appropriate.

How long between recording and CD delivery?

The simple answer is usually about 2 weeks.  We can turn your recording around quicker than this provided you have the artwork done and approved in good time and there are no other delays – couriers etc.

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