Christmas CD Recording at Highfields Academy

Highfields Academy

For today’s recording at Highfields Academy we were once again on location half way up the M6 in Nantwich.   This meant another early start from our Wiltshire based studio.   Normally I work on the basis that if I can get to Sandbach Services on the M6 for breakfast around 6.45am then we are on schedule.   Once again this meant setting the alarm for 4am…  Luckily I don’t mind getting up early and it does ensure we can spend a whole day recording at the schools we visit.

Arriving promptly at 0730 I was soon shown into the school hall.  To make things easier (and another reason why we arrive early) I was allowed to drive into the playground for the purpose of unloading the kit directly into the school hall.     This always aids the setup immensely and actually meant I was ready by 8am.  No matter, there was tea being supplied and I would rather be waiting for an hour than be late!

Highfields Recording

Setting up to Record

By 9am we were ready to record the first group of pupils which included some drummers.  Later on in the day there would be a brass band but for now all we had to contend with was some drumming.  As always we go prepared for anything and everything which might occur whether thats an orchestra, a piano, vocal solos or group ensemble singing.

Recording setup

Ready to Record

The recording progressed well during the day and by lunchtime we were on schedule.  As often the case with school recordings I always try to get the artwork done during the lunch break. This saves a lot of time later on and makes the whole process much more efficient both for us and the school.

CD Artwork

School CD Artwork

Sorting the artwork

There was a slight problem with the artwork as a few errant apostrophes had managed to find their way in (not our mistake!).   Luckily we can quickly eradicate such things in order for the CD to be correct when it goes to print. Where possible we ask schools to scan the artwork in so we can do it on site. But as we needed to correct this one, on this occasion we took the originals and scanned them in order to then photoshop out the apostrophe!  I didn’t like to ask how it got there!

School Christmas CDs

We are now almost fully booked in the run up to Christmas but there are still a few spaces to fit in your school Christmas CD.  Realistically the last date in 2019 we can record and have CDs ready for the end of term is Friday 13 December (Assuming your end of term is Friday 20 December 2019).  To find out more or to make a booking please contact us via email or telephone on 01225 302143.