Halloween Done – next stop, Christmas

Christmas Angels

Today, lots of schools up and down the UK will be opening their doors again after the half term break.  When I was at School, I can remember the second half of the Michaelmas term being the ‘jolly season’.   Carol books were dusted off and all around the school, Christmas music was being practiced for the numerous festive concerts and events which would feature at various times during December.

The thing is, for musicians, Christmas is not something which happens for 12 days starting on 25 December.   It’s generally something which happens for about 30 days starting on 25 November!  The same is true in schools.  The Christmas Carol service or Christmas concert, whilst likely to be near the end of term, is still likely to be in the first, or perhaps second week of December.

Preparing for Christmas

With Christmas Fairs and events planned for early December, Christmas in schools realistically starts now.  Preparation for these events will take a few weeks, and if there are concerts and performances to be given, pupils need to prepare.

Music lessons will start to feature Christmas carols and songs and you might even start to see a Santa hat appearing over the next few weeks!

Recording in November

Because of this, November is generally our busiest month of the year.   Naturally everyone wants to leave their Christmas CD recording to the latest date possible.  But nevertheless, they also need to ensure the CDs or digital downloads are available to buy at the school Christmas fair.

At the time of writing this post (4 November) we still have 6 days left available to record in November.  So if you are thinking about recording in time for ‘Christmas’ and want CDs or digital downloads available to buy at your Christmas fair, now is the time to make a booking with us.   We do also carry on recording into early December.  But do factor in for CDs we need approximately a week from the recording day to the point the CDs are delivered to your school.

If you are opting just for the digital version, selling your album online, then we can have tracks up and ready to sell within 48 hours of the recording session.

To find out more about recording a CD or digital album with us, then please call 01225 3023143 or click here to email us