School Christmas Recording at Wentworth Primary School in Dartford

This year as well as numerous trips up and down the M5 and M6, we have also been along the M4 quite a few times.  This particular recording at Wentworth Primary School was just on the edge of Dartford so necessitated a little bit of the M3 and about a third of the M25.   We certainly get to see the UK motorway network – usually in the early hours of the morning before anyone else wants to have a go!

As well as exploring the motorway network  I also get to see lots of service stations.  I’m not sure any of them are particularly worthy of a mention or recommendation. Nevertheless at 6am when you have already been on the road for two hours, a services which offers coffee and toast is always more than welcome.

Starbucks services

Breakfast in the services

Arriving to Set up and Record

After a quick stop for breakfast, I was then back on the road, arriving at Wentworth Primary School just before 7.15am.   Fortunately to make things easier, this school had a door directly into the school hall which was accessible from the carpark.   This made the setup considerably quicker than in some places and by 8.15am everything was ready to go.

School Hall

Recording gear set up ready to go

The first song was a duet between two pupils which didnt take too long to record and then we were into the group singing.  Like most school Christmas CDs, Wentworth Primary had opted to sing a song per year group with a few whole school songs.  In addition there was also a staff song which we recorded just before lunch.

Staff Singing

The Staff Song

The rest of the recording session proceeded smoothly and I was delighted when the school presented me with a school lunch!  To be honest a cup of tea is nice enough, but schools who provide lunch as well always get a special mention!

School Lunch


The afternoon session

Invigorated by a jolly good lunch, we then carried on recording into the afternoon.   Some schools like to finish by lunchtime as they have other activities in the hall in the afternoon. Others like to record for the whole day. There is no right or wrong as far as we are concerned.  Sometimes it doesn’t take as long as people expect to record.  In theory if everything is done in one take then it can be as quick as 5 minutes per group.  Some schools like to do multiple takes.  Again there is no right or wrong.

A tradition of music

Rumour has it, (unverified information gleaned from the internet) that Keith Richards and Mick Jagger attended Wentworth Primary School.   Now, don’t quote me on this as I don’t know for sure if this is true.  But if it is maybe it explains why there is such a good amount of music going on at this school.  I certainly had a very enjoyable day recording in Dartford and the album is now available to purchase online.

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