School CD Recording at Manby Lodge Infant School

Manby Lodge Reception

Everybody knows that the end of term is a busy time, but in a primary school it is also jam packed with plays and songs and parties all complementing and getting on with the curriculum!

Manby Lodge in Wadebridge booked us late in the season… actually chose to record on our last day that we could guarantee CD delivery before everybody breaks up for the holidays.

We arrived as usual bright eyed and bushy-tailed at 7:30am to be welcomed with tea and coffee and shown to our recording room. Up the stairs (adding to our daily exercise regime…) and into the music room on the first floor. Normally we record in the school hall, but today The Christmas Play was being rehearsed and performed in here. A quite space large enough to comfortable fit your singing groups is absolutely fine for us to record in, although the hall is usually the biggest space in the school, it has many uses and interruptions/noises often mean we have retake due to unwanted noises! 

The staff arrived promptly at 8:15 and record their Christmas offering which sounded fantastic. All stood on the rainbow carpet, all wearing Christmas jumpers…. oh yes, it was Christmas jumper day too! Probably the jolliest staff song of the year!

The schedule had been organised to record throughout the school day, but nearly everyone recordered on their first take and so the tracks were quickly laid down. The last two classes kindly juggled their learning plans and managed to record before lunch and we were packed up and gone before the start of the afternoon sessions.

As we finished early we got into the editing studio that afternoon and processed the track ready for production. The CDs were then ordered and delivered on the Wednesday, which is as fastest possible turnaround of just 3 working days!

A very merry end to our Christmas recording sessions!