School Christmas Recording in Liverpool

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For the last couple of years we have recorded a Christmas CD at The Mount Primary School in The Wirral organised by their Deputy Head Mrs Kat Allen.   When we took this year’s booking from Mrs Allen, it was for a different school – Roby Park Primary School in Liverpool where she is now the Head Teacher.

Fortunately, Liverpool is just down the road from Barrow in Furness where I had been the previous day.  Although unfortunately by road you cannot go in a straight line so, it turned out to be 105 miles, some of which was going North in order to go South.  No matter, it was still a lot nearer than it would have been travelling up from our Wiltshire studio that morning.  I had found a Premier Inn just a couple of miles away from the school which also turned out to be right next door to the Whitly Neill Gin Distillery.  Whilst I am a fan of Gin, sadly I arrived after they had closed and had to leave again before the visitor centre was open!  This was probably a good thing to be honest!

Arriving at the school promptly at 7.30am I was soon inside and setting up our recording gear.   Today’s recording was mostly by year group and Roby Park isn’t a huge school. The venue for the day was therefore a classroom.

Roby Park Primary

The recording Venue

The first thing to do was clear a space and set up the microphones.    Today’s recording was all going to be from backing tracks so it was a fairly straightforward setup without too many long cable runs.  It’s always a good idea to establish this early on as it can save a lot of time if I don’t bring in unnecessary equipment from the car.

Before too long the classroom had been turned into a recording studio for the day and we were ready for the first group of pupils.

Roby Park

Recording Studio

We recorded songs by year group as well as a staff song at Roby Park.  As this recording was scheduled to finish at the end of the school day, I was treated to a school lunch! And very nice it was too!


School Lunch

It was a throughly enjoyable day recording at Roby Park, and before I had even got back to Wiltshire there was a booking made to record there again for Christmas 2020!

If you would like to record a CD or Digital Album at your School with Recordings 4 Schools in 2020 or at any time in the future, please get in touch