Recording at Roose Primary School in Cumbria

Roose Community Primary School

When Roose Primary School first booked their recording session with Recordings for Schools, the first thing I had to consider was overnight accommodation.   Whilst we do record anywhere in the UK, naturally some locations are further away than others.   At one point our business was based in Northampton which is broadly speaking the centre of things.  Nowadays, however, we are based in Wiltshire.  Whilst a pleasing part of the country, it is a bit of a trek to anywhere one might describe as ‘The North’.

Cumbria fortunately is generally regarded as a pretty part of ‘The North’ and having never been to Barrow in Furness I greeted this opportunity with some optimism.   As there had been no recording the previous day I took the opportunity to collect a new car and then ran it in by immediately driving it out of the dealership and up the M5.   Arriving after dark I found my hotel for the night.  Barrow in Furness it turns out is up a lot, across a bit and then back down a bit meaning that you arrive about an hour after you have already passed it.

Overnight Accomodation 


By 8.45pm I had arrived at Crofters Lodge in Barrow in Furness.  It turned out that despite describing itself as a ‘hotel’ this particularly establishment did not offer either dinner or breakfast.    It also turned out to be somewhere near nowhere else and so dinner that night was a cup of coffee and a slightly stale biscuit.

Barrow in Furness

The next morning, due to the no breakfast option at the hotel, I headed out at 6.30am and found a Costa on the ‘sea front’ where I was able to get toast before heading to today’s recording at Roose Primary School.

School Recording

Having had a semi pleasing breakfast of toast and latte, I was soon back on the other side of Barrow in Furness and found my way into Roose Primary School in order to set up for today’s recording.

Roose Primary

Setting up in the School Hall

The staff at Roose were extremely welcoming and before long all the recording gear was set up in the school hall ready to record the first group of pupils.  Like the majority of our school Christmas CDs, this album was to feature children singing songs by year group.  Most importantly, there was tea!

Mug of Tea


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