School Recording at Cann Hall Primary School

Cann Hall Primary

When planning this week of recordings, I glanced at the diary and saw that Monday’s recording was in Essex.  For me Monday evening means running a choir rehearsal in Cirencester as I run the Male Voice Choir there.  Based on School recordings normally finishing by 3pm latest, I figured that would leave plenty of time to get back to Cirencester by 7.30pm.   Then I realised that Essex goes all the way out to the coast.  Indeed ‘Clacton on Sea’ should have been quite a big clue to this.

So having had a lie in to record previously 2 miles from home, this was another early start and meant leaving at 3.30am.    Avoiding all the traffic I found somewhere for breakfast in deepest, darkest Essex and was then outside the school at 7.15am. Fortunately someone was there to let me in and make a cup of tea.   I then set about getting the kit ready to start recording the pupils from around 9am.

Cann Hall primary

Unloading at Cann Hall

The Recording

Today’s recording featured all the pupils singing together and in year groups. There was also a Staff song.  Cann Hall is a fairly big school with near on 400 pupils involved.  Curiously larger schools don’t always mean larger CD orders for us – in fact Cann Hall only ever ordered 50 which is our minimum quantity.   Nevertheless the more the merrier so the saying goes and it certainly gives a big sound when we are recording the school all together.


Having worried about getting back to Cirencester, I was fortunate that Cann Hall finished their recording by lunch time.  We do not impose time limits on our recording sessions other than they must be kept within the usual confines of the school day.   This means invariably we are finished either at lunch time or certainly by 3pm.   By finishing at 1pm this gave me plenty of time to get back to Cirencester to run my rehearsal with Cirencester Male Voice Choir which was an added bonus.   Although meant another night of very little sleep as the following morning I was due in Barrow in Furness…. More about that on another post!