Third Recording at Westwood with Iford School in Wiltshire


Every business likes repeat customers.   The only thing better, certainly if you are a mobile recording company operating all over the UK is if the repeat business is on your doorstep.   Well as fortune would have it, that was exactly what happened.   This particular job was the third time we had recorded on location at Westwood with Iford School. Indeed it was the second recording there this year!

Most schools record regularly – we do have a few schools who record every year with us. Indeed a school near Liverpool always rebooks for the following year before we have finished producing their current album!   But when I say regularly generally this is every 3 – 5 years or so on a cycle roughly in line with the change of pupils.

It was therefore particularly pleasing to be invited back to Westwood with Iford School.  Not only that, their singing is great.  So good in fact that we have made a short feature of their album on our Schools Christmas page on this website.  The staff and pupils at Westwood with Iford School are no strangers to recording. And not just because we keep turning up to record albums there.   The school has its very own radio station which I believe is the brainchild of their Headteacher Mr Ian Rockey.

Westwood School Hall

Setting up to Record in the School Hall

Blogging at Westwood with Iford

Technology has always featured highly at Westwood with Iford. I can remember the first time we recorded there about 3 years ago now, being impressed that all the teachers had been given their own iPod with a view to creating content for the school blog.  And this is no ordinary blog.  Westwood has numerous blogs for each class and subject as well as the Head’s Blog written by Ian.

Increasingly schools have to invest and keep up with technology.   Most Primary School pupils nowadays and virtually born with an iPad in their hands.    Like it or not, technology is all around us and is an increasingly important part of society today.   So it’s good to see schools embracing a positive use of technology to enhance the learning which goes on as well as communicate with parents and the community.

Christmas CD 2019

As well as producing CDs, all our recordings are now available as a digital download.  Included free if you bought a CD or available for purchase through our online shop.

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