Record an Audio Book in your School

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It’s amazing what we get asked to record at Recordings 4 Schools.  Over the past decade or so we have recorded everything from singing, to instrumental groups, rock bands, poetry and music to accompany tuition books.   In the main our business centres around recording singing in schools.  Singing is a great way of getting the whole school involved; and this means you can make a fantastic fundraising CD for your school.

But recordings in schools need not be limited to singing or indeed music.  Increasingly, we are being asked to record the spoken word.  This might be for a school prospectus, your school website, or more commonly to record an audio book.  It might seem a curious idea to record an audio book in a school. But you’d be surprised. Not only is it a great fun and engaging project, it can also benefit your curriculum too.

Why Record an Audio Book?

It may not seem the obvious choice to record an audio book in school.  However, for a lot of the schools we work with this is not just a case of someone reading a book from the library but it’s more of a school or year group project.   In most cases the children will write their own story.  Usually split into small groups of half a dozen, the children are encouraged to come up with their own story and write it out ready for recording.

We then come along to your school and set up a studio in a suitable space – classroom or quiet area within the school, and your record your pupils reading their books.

How does the recording work?

Depending on the book, we usually record a different child for each character in the story with someone else who is narrating.   Sometimes a teacher might be narrator with pupils taking a character each.  There are absolutely no rules.  Sometimes the pupils read a paragraph each.  It’s always good to try and get different children involved in each book with usually up to half a dozen children at any one time

Of course your average story might not have as many characters as in your class or year group. So normally we record several books in small groups. It’s entirely up to you whether the groups of children all write their own book or whether you write one book together and the children all record their own version.

How do we hear the book?

We offer the chance to hear playback on the day of the recording either through monitor speakers or headphones.  The Final Product is usually created as a CD which means you can sell it to parents and friends.  Most schools will be recording multiple books or stories but we can put these all on a single CD meaning you can share all the work on the final product.  A CD will hold up to 80 minutes of audio, so there is plenty of scope to include multiple books.

As always, all our CDs include the chance to get a digital download of the files as well.

Further information about our Audio Book Recording Services are available here.  Alternatively you can contact us on 01225 302143 or click here to email us.