Recording at Great Harwood Primary in Blackburn

Great Harwood

For this particular recording I was once again back up North.  An early morning start, leaving the studio around 4am meant I arrived in Blackburn just before 07.30am as arranged.  It was a while before I could find a way in to the school as it was all locked. However I did eventually attract the attention of a caretaker and was invited in.  One of the advantages of turning up at the crack of dawn is that I am often allowed to drive into the playground in order to get as near as possible for the purpose of unloading the recording gear.

Having unloaded the caretaker then found some cones and said I could stay parked in the playground for the duration of the recording. However, moments later, he had a change of heart on this plan.  Apparently it was decided that my car might be safer in a secure car park opposite which seemed to have barbed wire fencing! I didn’t like to comment on this policy but happily moved my car to somewhere that have been deemed ‘safer’!


Parking (or not) in the school playground

With parking issues resolved, I set up about getting ready for the recording.    The plan for the day was to record by year group and there weren’t any solos. This makes things a little easier.  I was also quite pleased that the plan was to finish by lunchtime.   We never rush schools and there is no requirement to finish before lunch, but sometimes it can help us out.  As my next recording was in Newcastle, this afforded me time to get to the hotel at a reasonable hour and hopefully avoid rush hour traffic.

Setting up at Great Harwood

With all the songs accompanied by backing tracks the recording proceeded smoothly.   There was a short break mid morning at which point I was made a cup of tea whilst the children played outside.   We then carried on recording and the last song was finished just in time for the kitchen staff to start turning the school hall into a dining room.   This is often a good time for me to escape and be out of the way.