Recording in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

St Georges Yarmouth

One of the last recordings of 2019 was at St Georges Primary and Nursery School in Great Yarmouth.  This was booked only a few days beforehand.  The school had put on a Christmas production of the Bethlehem Nativity and apparently several parents said they should record the singing. And so enquires were made and Recordings 4 Schools were trusted with this job.  Indeed it turned out the teacher who arranged the recording remembered us recording at a school she was in back in 2012.  Apparently it pays to put our names on the back of the CDs.

With the booking having been made on a Tuesday this meant a late night drive across the country as I run a choir in Cirencester on Monday evenings.   At the time of this booking I didn’t have an accompanist so therefore no one who could deputise!  But a job is a job and if it’s possible then I will always do what I can to accommodate as many recordings as possible, particularly around Christmas. And so I set off from Cirencester at 9.30pm arriving at yet another purple hotel just after 1am…

A few hours later I greeted the same night security guard at the Premier Inn when I reappeared for breakfast at 0630…  Whilst the hotel was less than a mile from the school I am always keen just to get on with things and the earlier I arrive the more chance of starting (and finishing) on time!  And so after a quick breakfast it was back out into the freezing cold Norfolk morning and a short drive along the sea front.

The Recording

Having set up around breakfast club, the recording started just after 9am.  Most of the songs were sung by year group with a few solo singers. There were also one or two spoken parts.  The schedule for the day went into the afternoon so at lunchtime I decided to take a wander into Great Yarmouth.   A quick consultation of the map on my phone showed there was a costa about half a mile’s walk away.  And so I set off into the windswept and deserted streets of Great Yarmouth in hope of lunch.

Although initially it didn’t look promising I did eventually find a Costa in what appeared to be a town centre.  If nothing else there were at least a few other people there!   This gave me an opportunity to get the CD artwork done as by now there was very little time left to get things approved and into production.

Walking back to the school I took a detour along the sea front.  First of all I had some ‘exercise’ to be completed on my watch and secondly the back streets of Yarmouth turned out not to be the ‘nicest’ place to walk!  All the arcade and amusement places that typify this sort of English seaside resort were open and blaring out loud music and neon lights.  But with absolutely no one inside! Just lots of teddy bears piled together waiting to be hooked out!

By 3pm the recording was concluded, the artwork was signed off and I started the long journey back across the country to our Wiltshire studio.