School CDs – Recording Instruments and Voices

Here at Recordings 4 Schools, we get involved in a wide range of recording projects with schools.  It’s true to say that the majority of our CDs feature children across all year groups singing their favourite songs.  This is particularly the case when we record in Primary Schools.  However we don’t just record singing.  A lot of the time we are also asked to record instruments too.

Nowadays, there is a lot of great music going on in Primary Schools and it would be a shame to restrict our recordings just to singing.  And so, we don’t.   Our professional mobile recording studio can record anything you like whether it’s the whole school singing, a drumming group or a wind band.  We have even recorded an entire orchestra plus choir in a primary school on more than one occasion.

What should you record?

When it comes to recording your School CD, the world is your oyster. Essentially, with a few very small exceptions, you can record whatever you like.  Whether that’s something from the charts, or a song from your own childhood (talking to the teachers here!).  Or it might be something one of your pupils has written?  We usually record groups of children singing but that’s not always the case.  In this post we are going to explore the sorts of things you might wish to record for your school CD.


Children singing is the most obvious and indeed the most popular thing we record. Particularly in Primary Schools.  The main reason for this is that singing is all inclusive.  You don’t need to have studied in order to be able to sing.  Nor do you need to have music lessons or indeed a music specialist in school.   Pretty much everyone can sing, and everyone does sing.

The best thing about a CD of singing in a school is that we can make it all inclusive.  The majority of Primary Schools we work with will record one or two songs per year group plus a couple of whole school songs.   This will give you anything between 10 and 15 songs on the album – which is plenty to be recorded in one day.  Depending on your intake sometimes we also record individual classes.


Lots of schools have instrumental groups.  These vary enormously.  Over the past few years we have recorded everything from a full orchestra to a whole year group of boomwhackers.  For the uninitiated, A Boomwhacker is a lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tube, tuned to a musical pitch by length. Boomwhackers are used as musical instruments in the percussion family. They were first produced by Craig Ramsell in 1995. His company, Whacky Music, has now sold more than 4 million units

Spoken Word

In more recent times we have also started to record Audio Books in Schools.  This is a great initiative and works particularly well in conjunction with Reading Week*.  Some schools get the children to read their favourite book, others make it a project which includes the pupils writing their own book.

*A lot of Primary schools now set aside a particular week in the year where they focus on reading.  Obviously we realise that lots of reading goes on in schools anyway.  But nevertheless the power of reading and the importance of it in the curriculum means that anything which can be done to help is a positive thing.

Recording an Audio Book is a great way of getting young students more interested in reading.  More than that, along with all our Recording options, it can be a great fundraiser for your school.

To find out more about the range of recording services we offer to schools please get in touch on 01225 302143 or click here to email us