School Leavers Project

recording studio

Whilst it may only be January, in the not too distant future, Primary School Year 6 pupils will be preparing to move on to secondary school.  Over the past 6 or 7 years they will have built up many memories from their time at your school.  But what about giving them something they can take with them? For the past 15 years, Recordings 4 Schools have been recording and producing CDs and Digital albums for Primary Schools.  You don’t need an excuse to record a CD, although we do record lots of Christmas albums and we have recorded a fair few for retiring head teachers.

Memories of Singing

The majority of Primary Schools still embrace singing and music as part of their daily life.  Pupils sing at assemblies and for many it is part of the culture of the school.  The trouble is, for various reasons, this doesn’t happen so much at Secondary School.  I don’t believe this is a failing on part of the schools. It is simply that the curriculum is much busier and it’s potentially also harder to get everyone together.  So once you move on to secondary school there will most likely be far less singing – in some cases maybe none at all.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

When Recordings 4 Schools come to record at your school, our engineers set up a mobile studio in your school hall.  This is not just a laptop and a couple of microphones. This is the real deal. We set up multiple microphones and playback systems to give your pupils a real experience of what it’s like to record in a professional recording studio.  The only difference is you don’t have to go anywhere – we bring everything to you!

It’s quite conceivable that some of your pupils may well go on to be professional musicians and recording artists.   We recently recorded at Wentworth Primary school in Dartford where Mick Jagger was once a pupil. However, the vast majority probably won’t spend the rest of their life in recording studios. And so, this really could be a once in a life time opportunity.   Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a recording star, at least once in their lifetime!

How to book?

If you would like to find out more about recording a CD at your Primary School in 2020 whether as a project for your Year 6 leavers or as a fundraising activity involving the whole school, then please get in touch.