School Recording at Joydens Wood Junior in Kent

Joydens Wood

We are doing an increasing number of school recordings in Kent.  In fact our Christmas round of recordings at the end of 2019 took us to Kent on 5 occasions.   This particular day we were off to record the pupils at Joydens Wood Junior School in Dartford.

Unlike a lot of our school recordings, this time we were only recording Year 4. This was part of a project they had been working on.  The culmination of which was to record an ‘x-factor’ style album.  A lot of our recordings are designed to be fundraisers for schools, but let’s not forget that for the pupils the main consideration is the experience of being involved in a recording.

Once in a LIfetime

The majority of pupils we record at Primary schools up and down the UK may never again have the chance to record their own album.   It is of course entirely conceivable that some may well go on to become professional musicians, songwriters or world famous rock stars.  But it’s equally likely that a lot won’t!  And so it could be argued that we are offering school pupils a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a professional recording.

What to record?

If you are looking to record your own school CD or digital album in 2020, then Recordings 4 Schools would be delighted to help you achieve this. Ultimately there are no rules as to what you can record.  The only restriction is that to benefit from a free recording session you need to include all pupils in the recording session and ensure the recording is made available for all parents to buy.