CD Recording in Hertford at Abel Smiths School

Abel Smith

For this recording, we were on location in Hertfordshire at Abel Smith’s School.   This meant another night in a Premier Inn.  I’m sure other hotels are available but it does seem wherever we end up in the country there is always a Premier Inn not very far away from the school.   This time it was a night spent at the new Premier in in Wade.  Curiously this was more than twice the price of the one I had stayed in the previous night in Newcastle.  Perhaps because it was a new hotel this makes a difference? Who knows!

Premier Inn

Just another purple room….

Either way, with the hotel being less than a mile from the school I soon found myself outside the reception hoping to be let in.  It was 7.30am, dark, wet and windy.   And no one was there!   Fortunately someone soon arrived and was able to let me in.  Unloading the recording gear in the rain is never much fun – but at least I was able to park fairly near the entrance.  And sometimes you just have to get on with it.  I was soon inside and setting up whilst a morning ‘boxing club’ was being run!  Normally we set up around breakfast club so this was a first!  Nevertheless it didnt interfere with the set up and so everything was ready by 08.30.

School Hall

Abel Smith School Hall

After some concern about the noise of the rain on the roof of the hall luckily the weather decided to ease off a bit.   Of course it’s all very well saying that you should check for such eventualities but if it’s the only school hall you have and that just happens to be the roof which is installed, there’s not much you can do.  Fortunately the noise of rain on the ‘tin?’ roof didnt really affect matters too much.

Abel Smith had a lot to record so we got underway promptly at 9am.  By lunchtime we had around a dozen songs recorded.  With the artwork mostly done, I headed into Hertford to find some lunch and give my Apple Watch some exercise to record…  The rest of the recording went without a hitch and by 3pm I was back outside in the rain re-loading the recording gear into the car.