What shall we sing?


Enriching the curriculum through singing is a wonderful way to engage your pupils and let those with beautiful voices shine. Getting the whole school to be part of your fundraising album project is a great way to be all inclusive, as well as showcase the talent! 

We visit many schools all our the country and record whatever you have chosen to sing. This might be karaoke style singing to a YouTube backing track, your favourite assembly songs, choir and piano, or perhaps even something you have written yourself! Whatever you choose the most important thing is that the pupils really enjoy it.

Give your best performance

The sound of a class giving their best performance with pride really makes the difference. We always joke that the microphones are so sensitive they can hear if you are smiling! What we mean, is that the attitude of the performers will change the quality of their sound. If they hate the chosen song, “We’re doing this ‘cos Miss likes it, but we don’t…” then that really comes across in the recording. Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming and we get nervous in front of the microphones, but after a couple of run throughs, this is usually forgotten and the singers relax.

So what should you chose? For larger primary schools then it is usual to record a few whole school songs, and then each class gets to chose their favourite. Some schools even bring an element of competition to their offering and run a “our school’s got talent” type event. Other schools record the whole school singing, and then focus on small groups or a choir. Often we are asked to record an album to celebrate success at a competition. Sometimes we are asked to help make a CD to raise money for something special. Whatever your reason, the best CDs are those with a focus… even if this is simply ‘we love singing and we wanted share our songs with everyone!

Top Tips

  • Pick a theme/reason/focus for your recording.
  • Choose songs with the children that they love; songs from school productions are great too.
  • Rehearse your songs so you are performance ready on recording day. 
  • If you’re using backing tracks, make sure you have them accessible.
  • Give your talented musicians a chance to record (we record any sound, so instruments and poetry too).
  • Get the staff involved; everyone loves to hear you sing too!
  • Have fun! This school project should be something you are all proud of.