Do you Record Schools in our area?

Mobile Recording

Recordings 4 Schools is a market leader when it comes to the provision of Mobile Recordings for schools in the UK.  The simple answer to the question of do we cover your area is very much Yes!   We work on location all over the UK and will travel to the far corners of England, Scotland and Wales in order to record in schools.   And over the past 15 or so years we have done exactly that.   A recent piece of research, carried out for this particular blog post, confirmed that we have recorded in every county in England, the majority of Wales and an increasing amount of Scotland.

All of this does mean we travel around a fair bit.  Well in fact more than a fair bit.  In an average year our sound engineers will clock up between 60 and 70 thousand miles driving around the country in order to record in schools.

Recording in Your School

No matter where your school is based we will travel to you.  The majority of our school recordings will take place in the school hall. Sometimes we record in a classroom or similar space if it is only smaller groups.  Classrooms tend to be quieter (sometimes!) and ideally suited for smaller groups.   There is no right or wrong and we can record in whatever space you happen to have available.

If you are in any doubt as to the most suitable space then just get in touch and we will be delighted to discuss this with you.

Starting early

With our studios based in Wiltshire, a lot of the country is actually quite far away.  For the majority of school recordings we aim to arrive between 07.30 and 08.00 in the morning. This gives us plenty of time to unload and set up so we can be ready to start recording from 9am.  The general rule is we won’t leave much earlier than 4am.  But this means we can get down to Cornwall, across to East Anglia or up just about as far as Liverpool.  The best thing about travelling in the early hours of the morning is there is very little other traffic on the road.

If you are based further away then typically we will travel up the night before and stay in a hotel.  But to be fair to our customers, we don’t charge for travel nor do we charge for hotels or accommodation.

If you would like to book a recording in your school then please get in touch and we will be delighted to travel to you anywhere in the UK