Growing up


Young minds want to learn; everything is a new experience, exciting and new. Childhood is full of discovery, finding out how and why… thinking about who we are and what we would like to be when we grow up. We are taught right from wrong, how we are expected to behave, our responsibilities.  Every day is about finding out about new things, every day leads us to learn all about ourselves and what we want to become.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is continually repeated, and the youngest have many ideas…. Pilot, Firefighter, Doctor, Vet… Prince, Princess, President… Footballer, superstar, comedian, actor… Adventurer, Scientist, Entrepreneur… and ideas change as they find out more about the world. Each experience leads to new ideas, new hopes and dreams.

Our teachers are also busy: Teaching skills, finding talents, seeing potential, encouraging practice, supporting growth… School life is so much more than copying from a blackboard in silence. Activities and Adventure and a BUDGET!!!

Recording a CD

By recording a CD in your school, you can be part of a big learning project involving everyone. You can record any audio sounds you want. This could be singing the songs you love, showcasing the talent of your young musicians playing their instruments, performing poetry and radio plays written by the children.  There’s always time for a staff song (yes your dreams can still come true too). Usually each class want to perform their favourite song and there is often a few whole school songs too, but your school album can be anything you want!

CD Artwork

We encourage you to run a competition for the front cover artwork. Children are so creative and see your artwork in print is amazing.

Anything is possible. Opportunities endless. Record a CD, showcase your talents, learn about the science of music production (we will happily answer any questions the children have about recording) and raise funds for your school.

We are here to help every step of the way. If you would like an all inclusive school project that will actually raise money rather than drain the budget, call us on 01225 302143 to find out more.