Recording at St Athanasius’ Primary School in Scotland

St Athanasius' Primary School

This week we had the absolute pleasure of recording the staff and pupils at St Athanasius’ Primary School in Carluke.   Whilst Scotland is a bit of a trek from our studios in Wiltshire, we have now done quite a lot of recording at Schools North of the Border.  For me, even allowing for the 6 hour drive, there is always something quite special about recording in Scotland.  I’m not quite sure what it is, I don’t have any Scottish roots as far as I’m aware. Possibly it is because we have always had such a warm welcome from schools and choirs when recording in Scotland.   And I’m delighted to say that St Athanasius was no exception.

Having driven up the day before the recording, we stayed overnight in a little place called Bonkle House.  A curious name and quite a curious place. Nevertheless it was perfectly adequate for our needs.   I even found somewhere in Wishaw to go out for dinner – predictably I had haggis!  It’s just so much better in Scotland compared to the stuff in packets we can find in Waitrose!

Arriving and Setting up

With there being two of us for this particular recording, I arrived at St Athanasius’ Primary School at precisely 8am and were greeted by the school caretaker.   Within moments he had helped us in with all the kit. Given that most groups were no more than 30 children at a time we decided it would be easier (and potentially quieter) to record in the ICT Suite rather than the school hall.   This meant a trip in the lift – but still it took very little time to get the kit unloaded and into position.

We were then made toast and coffee, and warmly welcomed by the Head Teacher Mr Farrell.

The Recording Session

By 9am everything was set up and ready and we started to record the first group of pupils.    In Scotland the Primary School System runs from P1 to P7 and the plan was each group to record a couple of songs.  There was also a duet between Mr Farrell and Mrs Morrison and a couple of songs sung by Mr Farrell.

Everything ran to schedule – in fact before too long we were ahead of schedule and got quite a lot more recorded by breaktime than was planned.

How long does it take? is probably the most common question we get asked by schools planning their recording.  On average I tend to suggest 20 minutes per group if they are singing one song or half an hour if they are planning 2 songs.  Generally this is slightly more time than is needed.  Some groups will record in one take others might take a couple. We also then allow time to play back a snippet of the recording to the pupils before they return to class.


Between recording sessions we were looked after very well by the staff at St Athanasius’ Primary School. There was cake in the staff room and the lunch was great!



Audio Preview

Below is a preview of the tracks on the album which (at the time of writing) is currently in production.

Pupils Recording Gallery

Here are some photographs of the children recording their CD.  Photographs were provided courtesy of the school and have been authorised for public use.

We had a great time recording the Staff and Pupils at St Athanasius’ Primary School.  The album is currently in production and should be available to buy from the school in the next week to ten days.

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