Not another wet play day…

Wet Playtime

When I was young at school, I mostly remember it being sunny and playtimes spent running around, playing chase and skipping. Now, of course it wasn’t always sunny. I do remember wet playtime, well, I remember the teacher looking desperate trying to think up inside games to play that did not ruin the classrooms, and allowed us all to let off steam.

Most young children have a limited concentration span and need a wide variety of short activities. And teachers often need break time to prepare for the next activity, so having the class stay in the classroom causes trouble. “You need to get outside for some fresh air!”. Fresh air, so important. We know it’s good for us. Breathing the stale air in a closed and stuffy room shared with 30 other children and a few adults can’t be healthy. We don’t want to breathe each others germs. Even thinking about it makes you want to open the window! The more you feel trapped, the more you want to escape.

Remember that even though it is wet, this is children’s playtime and an important time in their day to let off steam, connect with their friends and have some fun.

It is therefore important to have variety of activities planned for wet play days. One suggestion is singing. Songs with actions use the body and mind in a variety of ways, co-ordinating the words with actions and dance. Young children love rhymes and singing and we are always delighted to record the nursery and primary years.

Now the youngest of children are delighted to sing and we always make sure we are ready to record their first take. Their second take may also be good when they all remember what they are singing, but for a young class to sing something three times is often asking too much. There are many early years sings that have actions.

Obviously we only recording the audio, but if the actions help with the enthusiasm of your chosen song please use them whilst recording. Warn us if there will be clapping as we will need to prepare for this!

So if your wet play activities include singing, and you have been learning through song and dance, perhaps you would like to include these on your school CD. The cuteness factors of your youngest children will be captured forever and be a treasured memory by parents and grandparents, children and teachers. These are often the songs that get the biggest emotional response, and we have seen many teachers and assistants well up with pride when listening to their class songs.

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