Recording Backing Tracks for School Choirs

Backing Tracks

As we all continue to adapt to a new way of life under Lockdown here in the UK, our business has turned to digital recordings for schools.  Whilst the Lockdown rules state you are ‘allowed to go out for work if it absolutely cannot be done at home’, this isn’t much use to us because all our customers are working from home.  Schools are closed and Choirs are stopped from meeting.   Therefore, there is now nothing we can do ‘on location’.  However, the key in such times is to develop different angles of your business – for a small company in these times this is essential to keeping afloat as we do not receive any kind of government funding or assistance.  We must therefore find a way of staying in business so we can continue to record in schools once this is all over.

Whilst the majority of our business operates using a ‘mobile’ recording studio, we also have a well equipped production studio with a whole different array of gear designed for processing and mastering audio.   Adapting to the times we are now recording lots of backing tracks for school choirs in order to help people keep singing in Lockdown.  Yes sure, you can sing along to You Tube, but that’s never going to be much more than karaoke.

Working Globally

We are also finding that our new range of ‘services’ are getting us noticed globally.  This week for example we have just taken on a commission to record 10 tracks for a school choir in Australia.  Based on Google maps the school in Goondiwindi is about as far as it gets from our Wiltshire based Studios – just over 10,000 miles.   However, as this work can be done entirely from our studio and doesn’t require any travel or indeed interaction with anyone this is perhaps the ideal work to do during lockdown.

Creating Bespoke Backing Tracks

Backing tracks can be useful for many different reasons – not least during lockdown because it potentially enables choirs to sing along ‘at home’ or over a live video.   In schools, however, the main reasons for creating backing tracks will be where there is just one music teacher in charge of a choir for example.  All choirs sound and perform better when they are being given some direction.   By using one of our professionally recorded backing tracks your choir can sing whilst the music teacher directs out front.

There are many websites which might offer you downloads of tracks for your choir and a range of ‘karaoke’ style songs which you can all sing along to.  However, like all our recording work, our backing tracks are recorded on a per client basis.   Whilst we have recorded countless tracks for choirs and we are building up a ‘library’ it’s still the case that 99% of our backing tracks are recorded for the individual client.

Audio Samples

Below are a few short examples of backing tracks recorded in our studio.

Record a Backing Track for your School Choir

If you would like some backing tracks recorded for your school choir, then all you need to do is to contact us and send through a copy of your score.  Depending on how busy we are, we aim to turn around all songs within 2-3 days of receiving your score.  If you have a particular deadline then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this.

Unless we are advised otherwise, we will record the score exactly as written which will include all tempo and dynamic markings.   As standard we will record the piano part.  If you would like a fully orchestrated version of the score (even if you only have the piano part available) this can also be done. Please get in touch for more details.