School Christmas Recordings 2020

School Christmas CD

Around this time each year, I normally start to write about School Christmas CD Recordings.  Christmas (or at least the weeks leading up to it) is traditionally the busiest time of year for Recordings 4 Schools. This usually prompts one or two posts about our offering for Primary Schools.    To some extent, this year is no exception.  However, of course the Covid-19 Pandemic has influenced all of our lives and in particular our recordings business.

On the plus side, we are still very much open for business and taking bookings in schools for Christmas CDs.   This of course is subject to the going changing advice from the Government and indeed any laws which may come into place between now and Christmas.   Without wishing to sound vague, all we can say on this matter is that we are committed to operating within the law but will help you to record a Christmas album if at all possible.

Before we continue, perhaps our usual disclaimer should be noted:

This post was written in September 2020 and is based on the current situation concerning Covid-19.   At no point is anything in this post meant to contradict Government guidelines.  Recordings 4 Schools and their parent company 4 Part Music Ltd will only ever take on work or act in such a way which is entirely legal and responsible.    The thoughts, opinions and suggestions below are simply those of the author and do not necessarily constitute company policy.  If you are thinking about any sort of recording at your school we will discuss this on a case by case basis and in line with the currently guidelines and laws in place at the time.

Can we record a Christmas CD in 2020?

Well this question is very much a case of how long is a piece of string?  Nevertheless, as things stand currently, the answer is yes.  Our policy is very much to fit in with not only the Government guidance and laws in place at the time but also to work closely with individual schools and comply with any regulations they have about allowing visitors onto site.

The main difference to our usual recordings is that each group might have to be smaller and more spaced out.  It might be a case of recording by class rather than by year group. No matter tho, we can easily multi track to make it sound like a larger group singing together.  The same goes for the whole school song which we usually like to include.

Keeping Everyone Safe

As outlined above our policy is very much to work with individual schools to ensure we are complying as much as possible with both national laws and any regulations the school has in place.  Unlike previous years, there will only be one engineer on site for any recordings.  IN terms of contact, we always arrive early in order to set up, so would typically set everything up in the school hall before any pupils arrive.  Our engineer (that’s me!) will set up a desk usually in the corner and can be isolated behind a plastic screen if necessary.

If you would like to book a recording for your school this Christmas, then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to contact us