School Recordings during Covid-19

Recording Schools

As with all our current blog posts, this one has to start with the usual disclaimer:

This post was written in September 2020 and is based on the current situation concerning Covid-19.   At no point is anything in this post meant to contradict Government guidelines.  Recordings 4 Schools and their parent company 4 Part Music Ltd will only ever take on work or act in such a way which is entirely legal and responsible.    The thoughts, opinions and suggestions below are simply those of the author and do not necessarily constitute company policy.  If you are thinking about any sort of recording at your school we will discuss this on a case by case basis and in line with the currently guidelines and laws in place at the time.

To say 2020 has been an interesting year is perhaps the understatement of the decade.   As we move into Autumn and schools return in the UK after nearly 6 months of being closed, we are all looking ahead with a certain degree of trepidation.   Already, in mid September we are told the R number is creeping up.  New Government guidelines and laws are in force as of today (14 September) reducing social gatherings back to 6 people.   However, we are then told this doesn’t apply to certain situations such as schools and places of worship.   Of course, it is not our place to give advice or even suggest what may or may not be possible, so for that please visit the official government website.

School Recordings

The first thing to say is that our business is still very much a going concern and we are currently still able to record in schools, albeit with a few amendments and changes to our usual practice.  Recordings 4 Schools operate all over the UK and we are currently taking bookings for Christmas recordings and beyond into 2021.   Exactly how the recording works will depend on the policy of the individual schools we work with or indeed any new or updated Government guidelines / laws in place at the time. Our aim is always to be as flexible as possible and provide the best possible recording but within the context of everything else which is going on at the time.

Recording smaller groups and blending them together

Usually our school recordings include at least 1 or 2 songs which feature the whole school singing together.   Realistically at the moment the guidelines in place would not permit this.  Our understanding at the moment is that groups of around 15 are allowed to sing together in schools – again of course this could change.  Assuming that to be the case, a lot of classes number at least 30 in size which potentially causes an issue.  However, we can very easily record a class in two groups of 15 and then blend the voices together in the final mix so it sounds like they are all singing as one.

Whilst this will take a little longer on the recording day, in the majority of cases it should still be possible to fit everyone into a recording done on a single day.    If each group of 15 sang two songs, one of which was the same for everyone, then by layering all the groups together we could also reproduce the whole school singing together.

CD Artwork and Digital Albums

There is currently nothing impacting on our CD production and design plant so CDs can continue to be produced in the usual way to include lots of fabulous artwork designed by your pupils.   Of course, for a while now we have been producing digital albums alongside our CDs so the actual CD is more about the packaging and artwork.  We feel it’s important that the recording is just as much a memento for the future as well as a fun experience on the day.

Booking your Recording

We understand that everyone is concerned about what further changes might occur over the next few months.   Whilst I doubt anyone wants to see a return to school closures and lockdowns, we are very aware this could nevertheless be a possibility.  In the event that your recording session with us cannot go ahead due to school closures or other Covid-19 related restrictions, you are of course free to cancel or postpone the session without incurring any costs.   In order to mitigate this, we will always contact you a few days before the session and, in current circumstances, the day before, in order to check everything is still able to go ahead.

If you would like to book, please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to contact us by email.