Dealing with Coronavirus – Cancellation Policy


We are currently living in strange times.  At the moment the rules and restrictions imposed by the Government are changing on a daily basis.  Gone are the days (for now at least) when any of us can make long term plans with any degree of certainty.

For us at Recordings 4 Schools, like everyone else in business, we are just having to adapt and find ways to keep our business thriving in these difficult times.   As such we are taking bookings for Christmas recordings, a lot of which tend to be during October and November so that albums can be ready for Christmas Fairs etc.  None of us can predict exactly what the situation will be regarding Covid in in 24 hours time let alone 2 months time.     As such therefore we will continue to adapt and work with schools to find the best way to carry out the recordings in this difficult time.

Cancellation Policy

Our School recordings do not require any kind of deposit or up front payment.   Indeed there is no charge from us until the point the CDs are ready to be despatched to your school.   With the added uncertainty of Coronavirus we do not wish to discourage schools from booking.   Therefore our policy is very simple and as follows:

Booking a date

There is no charge to book a date for your recording.  Once confirmed (by email) we will then contact you 1 week before the recording date to confirm everything is still ok to go ahead.  We will then contact you again the day before to once again confirm the school is still open and there are no other retractions such as local lockdowns etc in place which could affect the recording.

Recording unable to go ahead

If your recording is unable to go ahead for any reason related to the Coronavirus pandemic then we will not charge you for cancelling or postponing your booking.   A member of our team will contact the school the day before the recording date to doubly confirm everything is still ok.

Letting us know

If you suddenly find that you are unable to proceed with your booking please let us know as soon as possible.  If you find you are unable to go ahead on the day of the recording again please call us as early as possible.  Our engineers often drive many hundreds of miles to get to your school so will probably have left home around 4am.  Even if you ring us at 6am (the main number will always divert) this is better than us arriving at 7.30am to find the school closed.

In the event that we arrive at school to find it closed and no one has contacted us since our confirmation call the day before then we reserve the right to charge your school for the fuel costs.   However, this is very much a last resort as we will always do everything we possibly can to confirm everything with you before setting off to come to your school.

If you need any further information or would like clarification on our policy with regards to cancelations then please get in touch by phone on 01225 302143 or click here to email us.