Recording at Carlisle Infant School in London

Carlisle Infant School

When Carlisle Infant School first enquired to book their Christmas recording with us, I was initially braced for a trip up to the top end of the M6.  As it turns out, however, Carlisle Infant School is in fact located in West London, which is considerably near our Cotswold based Studios.    Arriving at the usual time of 07.30 I was greeted by the deputy head and soon in the hall to get everything set up for the recording session.

Carlisle Infant School was only our second recording of the ‘season’ and so after several months of lockdown it came as a bit of a shock leaving the house at 4.30am for the second day in a row.  Nevertheless given the difficulties many businesses have faced this year, and indeed continue to face, at no point would I wish to moan about being able to work.

Working during Covid-19

With the rules surrounding working during the Coronavirus pandemic constantly changing and updating there has been a lot of uncertainty for businesses in the UK.   However, one of the established facts about our business is that we cannot work from home!  In the latest guidance recording studios were specifically mentioned as being allowed to remain open.

Technically of course, we are not a recording studio but in fact a mobile studio.  But this only strengthens our case for ‘working’.   The issue is not us being allowed to work so much as our potential clients being allowed or indeed willing to allow us on site to do the recording.

Fortunately Carlisle Infant School were happy for us to come on site to do the recording.   Naturally we have a full risk assessment to be clear how we are going to operate on site and indeed detailing the precautions in place to keep us and you safe.

The Recording at Carlisle Infant School

Setting up in the hall during Breakfast club was fairly straightforward and fortunately it wasn’t that far from the car park to the recording venue.  This always makes a big difference to our set up times as there is a lot of kit to bring in.  Always amuses me when I arrive at a school and usually just take in my laptop in a rucksack.  Mostly this is because it also contains my ID and DBS certificates etc for the purpose of signing in.   A lot of times people assume that’s all I am bringing in!  Alas no!!!

Carlisle Infant School Hall

The rest of the recording proceeded smoothly.   I remained socially isolated in the corner of the hall for the duration of the day.  As this was only the second recording I wasn’t entirely sure of the protocol – indeed I wasn’t shown where the staff room or visitor toilets were so had no choice but to remain in the hall without moving.     The recording continued into the afternoon and fortunately the hall wasn’t being used for lunch so there was no need for me to move anything out the way.  Being entirely self sufficient I had bought my lunch with me so remained in the hall during the 1 hour break.

The album is available to purchase in our online shop.