Recording on location at Sawtry Infant School in Cambridgeshire

Sawtry infant school

Today was another early start in order to drive from our base in the Cotswolds to near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire.   The destination was Sawtry Infant School.  After a couple of hours the landscape started to go very flat which suggested I was heading out towards the fens.  Sawtry isn’t quite that far east, but certainly a little off the beaten track.  The last part of the journey was through some very deserted plains which are 7am with the sun rising was a nice start to the day.  Arriving at the school a little before 07.25 I was met at the door by my contact and shown into the hall.

Sawtry infant

Always a pleasing sight

Adopting the usual Covid-safe operating procedures, and with some help from the customer, I soon had all the kit in the hall and began setting up.   The setup in a lot of cases doesn’t take very long although I always like to arrive by 07.30 in order to be ready to record by 9am.   In a lot of cases I am usually ready by 0815am.  But the thing is if I arrived any later I would be up against more traffic.  Moreover, unless I have been to a school before I never quite know how far it is from the carpark to the proposed recording venue.


School Recording in Cambridgeshire

Setting up at Sawtry infant school

Sawtry Infant School Recording 

Starting promptly at 9am the recording process at Sawtry was very efficient and the groups of children kept following one after another.   Depending on how the school timetable works this is often the best way as it usually means the recording session is far more efficient. The advantage of finishing by lunchtime, means that the recording kit can then be cleared out of the way.  Particularly in the current climate of social distancing, this is quite an important consideration.  Not only that, with christmas being our busiest time of the year, it is important to keep the jobs flowing.  By finishing early I can get back to our studio to start processing the audio and getting the CD artwork prepared before heading out the next morning at 4am!

The Sawtry Infant School album is available to purchase online by visiting our shop