Recording a Christmas CD at St Michael’s Woolmer Green

Woolmer Green is situated between the villages of Knebworth and Welwyn in Hertfordshire.   The destination for this school recording was St Michael, Woolmer Green CE Primary School.   Being a church school it is, as you’d expect, affiliated to the church of the same name.

St Michael’s is an Anglican (Church of England) church in the village of Woolmer Green in Hertfordshire.  Built between 1899 and 1900 by public subscription, the church is one of two churches in the Parish of Welwyn and Woolmer Green, the other being St Mary’s in Welwyn. Prior to the church being built, Sunday services had been held in the village school.  Hence the link carrying on today.

Hertfordshire turned out not to be as far from our Cotswold based studios as I had planned for and so there was time for a spot of breakfast.  This was provided courtesy of a Wild Bean Cafe at the local BP garage – what a glamorous life this is!  Arriving at the school by 0730, I was greeted by the Head Teacher who instantly made me feel welcome by provided a coffee and biscuits.   This is always a welcome sight and bodes well for the day ahead.


Coffee and Biscuits

How long does a recording take?

St Michael’s Woolmer Green is only a fairly small school so we were recording a song per class / year group.  This meant a total of 8 songs to be recorded.    How long it takes to record a song is a question we are asked before nearly every recording session.   The answer is actually not as simple as you would think.  Generally speaking we tend to suggest around 15 minutes a song is about right.  However, some groups will come in sing their song in one take and be done in less than 4 minutes potentially.   Other groups might need a couple of takes.

Other factors to consider are whether the groups are going to be ready to follow on straight away or will someone have to go to the classroom to find them.   This can add a few minutes between songs.   Overall therefore 15 minutes tends to be about right.  Sometimes of course things run much quicker. This was certainly true when we were at Sawtry Infant school last week and turned out to be the case at St Michael’s Woolmer Green.

The children at St Michael’s had been well prepared for the recording session and as such the songs were recorded quickly and efficiently.  This meant everything was finished by just after morning break. Another advantage of finishing by 1130am is that we can pack up and have all the recording gear out of the way for lunchtime.

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