Recording at Ysgol Westwood Primary School in Buckley

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17After a break of over 6 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is somewhat ironic that our first job since March 22nd should take place during a national lockdown.  Another shock to the system was the notion of getting up at 3.45am to make the trip to Buckley in North Wales.   Everything was going well until about an hour into the journey when I discovered the M5 was closed!

Suddenly a virtually empty motorway turned into lots of lorries all trying to negotiate the back streets of Droitwich.  Luckily I had allowed a bit of extra time so still arrived at the school just before the agreed start time of 07.30am.  However, it did mean there was limited time left to source breakfast.

No matter, arriving on time and getting everything set up efficiently is far more important than my desire for a full English breakfast!

Westwood Recording

Working within Covid Restrictions

As this was the first recording since everything came to a complete stop on 22 March, it was a little uncertain how schools would deal with recordings, and indeed a third party on site.

Obviously like any responsible business we have produced a detailed risk assessment and all schools we are visiting have similarly provided us with their own risk assessments. This gives detail of how they expect visitors to act whilst on site along with any changes or restrictions in place.

Armed with a box of unused masks, various bottles of sanitiser and cleaning products, I made my way into Westwood CP School.

Setting up to Record

Having arrived early I was met by the schools Deputy Head and issued with a mug of coffee and a plate of biscuits.  This is always a promising start to the day.

Biscuits always make the setup much quicker and easier.

Within an hour of arrival everything was set up and ready to go in a ‘covid-safe’ way.   I was installed on the stage and there were cones indicating where the pupils should stand for the purpose of singing.


The morning of recordings proceeded smoothly without issue and before long it was time for lunch. This gave me a chance to see what there was in Buckley.   A quick wander around the town resulted in the purchase of a rather pleasing beef baguette for lunch which I then took back to the school and was issued with a corner of the staffroom to sit in.

CD Artwork

During the lunch break is usually a good time to get working on the CD design.  My contact at Westwood CP had been efficient and provided all the content so it was easy enough to put together the artwork whilst at the school.

To help with the artwork production, I was then issued with a mince pie courtesy of the deputy head!   Obviously recording days are not all about the quality of the food I am supplied, but it does always get noted! :). I did smile at the choice of mug though!

After lunch the only remaining thing to record was the staff song.   It’s always nice to hear the staff sing – of course they all claim they can’t sing. Nevertheless, todays staff choir had clearly rehearsed and were rather good!

Westwood CP Staff Song

The album is currently in production and can also be purchased via our online shop.