School Recording in North London

It’s always nice to get repeat business.  Strictly speaking we haven’t worked at Kingfisher Hall Primary Academy in Enfield before. But we have worked with their music lead Nicola Barlow.   A year ago, we recorded with Nicola at Lime Academy in Larkswood, not a million miles from Kingfisher Academy.  So, albeit to a different school, it was nice to be asked back.

Getting to North London from our Wiltshire based studios means a trip on the M25.  Which as any seasoned commuter knows, is never a good thing at any time of day. However, with our policy of always arriving at 0730am, often the traffic hasn’t built up too much at that time.  This was certainly the case for this recording. Leaving at 0430 in order to allow plenty of time, I found myself on the outskirts of Enfield just after 6am.   This was potentially a marvellous plan until I discovered that the McDonalds nearby was in fact not open – presumably a Covid thing.  So once again it was the joy of the Wild Bean Cafe to source a coffee and a bacon sandwich.

Setting up to record

Unusually in this covid world, this particular recording took place in a classroom rather than a big hall.   Even more unusually the groups of children were quite large compared to some that we have done.  Nevertheless the venue was at least relatively quiet and meant I didn’t have to make any adjustments to move things away during lunch.

The first recording of the day was the staff song.   For social distance purposes, and also to manage the staff in the school, the group was split into two. The two takes of the staff song were then merged together in post production.

Recording the Album

Once the staff had recorded their song, the pupils proceeded by year group. As with the staff, each year group was split into two. Each group sang their own song plus a whole school song.  The idea with the ‘whole school song’ was to blend together all the voices in post production so that it sounds like all 200 or so pupils singing together.   This actually works surprisingly well.

By lunchtime about 2 thirds of the album was recorded.   As ‘the weather outside was frightful’ I didn’t fancy venturing out into Enfield to find some lunch. No matter as the school kindly provided me with a cooked lunch, which was extremely pleasing!

Kingfisher - Recording Session Lunch

School Lunch

The Album

You can purchase CDs from the school (subject to availability) or the digital version of the album is available for purchase on our website.

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