Christmas Recording at Ten Acres First School in Redditch

Tenacres First School

Ten Acres First School in Redditch won this year’s award for being the nearest to our Cotswold base.  Nevertheless it was still a relatively early start as we always commit to arriving at the school by 7.30am.. Fortunately on this occasion the trip from the car park to the school hall wasn’t too far.  Having dealt with all the usual sign in procedures and apply hand sanitiser, I set about bringing in the gear.

As with a lot of schools we record in, there was a breakfast club going on in the hall.  No matter though, the recording gear only takes up a relatively small space and can be set up along one wall. The important thing is to find out which way the pupils normally face if they are singing and whether they need to see a projector screen.


Helpfully, the teacher who had organised the school recording session had planned out the day and put together a schedule for each group to record their song.     This meant there was a clear plan for the day. A timetable also helps us keep track of what we have recorded. Sounds obvious maybe, but knowing exactly which class sang what song is crucial when it comes to producing the artwork and the final mastered album.  A timetable also helps keep things on track.

In the majority of cases we recommend allowing around 15 minutes per song, although often recordings will go quicker than this.  Depending on the school sometimes the pupils can keep coming one after another sometimes the schedule is fixed.   At Ten Acres the recording was scheduled to run all day.

Lunch Break

As with a lot of schools the school hall is turned into a dining room at lunchtime.  This meant moving the kit to one side and then me disappearing into the local community to find some lunch.   Fortunately there was a purveyor of fast food not too far away which had a drive through facility.   In these days of Covid and tiered restrictions just popping out to get a sandwich is not always as simple as it once was!

The Album

You can buy the Ten Acres School Christmas album by visiting our online shop.

To find out just how easy it is to record a CD at your school please get in touch by phoning us on 01225 302143 or click here to send us an email