Dance School Christmas CD Recording in Dorset

TLW Dance School

Today’s recording took us to Dorset. In fact a small industrial estate just on the edge of Shaftesbury.    The town of Shaftesbury is the only significant hilltop settlement in Dorset, being built about 215 metres (705 ft) above sea level on a greensand hill on the edge of Cranborne Chase.

The town looks over the Blackmore Vale, part of the River Stour basin. From different viewpoints, it is possible to see at least as far as Glastonbury Tor to the northwest.   In the 1970s Ridley Scott used Gold Hill, a steep cobbled street in the town, as the setting for a television advertisement for Hovis bread, in which a bread delivery boy is seen pushing his bicycle up the street before freewheeling back down. The advertisement made the street nationally famous.

Our recording location, however was far less glamorous.  This time we were not recording a primary school but a Saturday morning Dance school called TLW dance.   On the plus side by staying in Shaftesbury the night before we were able to have breakfast and arrive a little later than normally.

TLW Dance

Being a Saturday morning Dance school the recording was scheduled throughout the day with time to allow different groups to arrive and depart.    This worked very well with a clear one way system and markers on the floor showing the performers where to stand whilst recording.

Each group had a song to perform and, like a lot of our recordings this year there was a ‘whole school song’.  This was achieved by everyone singing a song to the same backing track which was then blended together in post production.  The effect, particularly on this recording, as we had a wider range of ages, was particularly good!

By mid afternoon all groups had recorded their songs and it didn’t take long to pack things away.  This far into the ‘season’ of recordings we are usually fairly adept at getting things packed up swiftly and without delay.

Jules Recording

A rare picture of Jules on location