Langshott Primary School Recording in Surrey

Our last recording of the current season took us once again back to Northern Surrey.  We have done quite a lot of recordings in this area in our ‘Christmas CD Recording session 2020’. No doubt writing about all these schools in Surrey will now lead to lots more recordings there.  But no matter, it’s a nice part of the country and we also managed to get all our recordings done before most of Surrey and the South East went into a Tier 4 lockdown.

Arriving on time, as usual, I was pleased to note that once again I was able to park right outside the school hall which definitely facilitates getting stuff into the hall much quicker.   Within minutes I had all the kit into the hall and was busy setting up. To help further a cup of coffee was provided as well!

Langshott primary

Before long the first group of pupils started to arrive.    Interestingly today’s school class names were based on precious stones which had also been the case with the previous school we recorded in (Cranmer Primary).  This is only notable as it is the first and second time we have ever experience such class names.  Normally they are squirrels and hedgehogs or Ash and Oak etc….

Langshott Primary Timetable

IN order to get through the songs there was only 10 minutes allowed for each group – this is cutting it fine but perfectly doable. It worked at Langshott with Military Precision as the groups were ready to follow on one after another.   Whilst I always applaud the notion of no faffing, it was particularly important to be done early on today’s recording. This is because we were right up against the end of term. Normally we never record with just 3 days to go but there were so many schools wanting to record this year we had to work right up to the wire.   Therefore the only way of getting the CDs produced and despatched in time was to get the master CD created before close of play on the day of the recording so that production could take place over night.

As you can see from the timetable above, first up were the staff.  Again we always prefer, where possible for staff songs to occur earlier rather than at the end of the day. It is much easier for us to arrive a bit earlier rather than hanging around after the end of school for all staff to be available.   This policy worked particularly well at Langshott and we finished exactly on schedule. This meant I was able to get back to our studio in the Cotswolds to master the album and get it out into production over night for shipping the next day.

Langshott Primary Staff

And thus our Christmas Recording session for 2020 was ended.  It has been a strange year but it was nevertheless nice to get out on the road and do some recording, albeit all crammed into just 3, very long, weeks!

Lockdowns permitting, if you would like to record with us in 2021 then do please get in touch