Prestwood Infants School in Buckinghamshire

Prestwood Infants

Buckinghamshire is but a short trek down the M40 from our Cotswold based recording studio.   Nevertheless this still meant leaving before 6am and navigating through the dark and fog, at least as far as Oxford before some sense of dawn appeared on the horizon.  Luckily I quite like early mornings and there is always the hope of a spot of breakfast before the recording starts.  On this occasion, it meant finding a services to procure the usual morning feast of a bacon sandwich and a latte.

Arriving at Prestwood Infant School, it was still dark and the school looked mostly empty.  Unperturbed I presented myself at the main entrance and was let in by a caretaker.  From this point I found my way to the school hall and was presented with a hot mug of coffee.  So far all very pleasing.

Prestwood infants

Today’s Recording venue at Prestwood infants

By 0830 everything was ready for the first group of pupils.  The plan with this recording was to keep going through the morning and have everything finished by lunchtime.  This meant it was easier for the kitchen staff to turn the hall into a dining room for the pupils lunch.  Whilst we do not put a time limit on our recording sessions other than the limits of the school day, it is often easier to be clear by lunch. This is particularly useful where the school hall is quite small.

The recording session proceeded well and the groups of children were kept coming one after another to make it a very slick and efficient recording session.

CD Artwork

With this being one of our last recordings for the current season (with only 10 days to go before the end of term) it was imperative that we had the artwork done asap. One advantage of finishing by lunchtime, particularly when the recording is only a couple of hours from our studio is that I can take the artwork back and get it done the same day.  This is what happened at Prestwood Infants and by close of play the artwork was done and signed off so the CDs could go into production the following morning.

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