School Recordings Summer 2021

Following the latest announcement from the Prime Minister it currently looks like schools in the UK will be returning on 8 March 2021.   For many parents out there home teaching this will be good news.  For teachers, understandably this may present some challenges and questions.   Is it fair that teachers are going back to work when some in the private sector remain furloughed?  You might also question that by the end of March some of us will be subject to the rule of 6 and yet schools will be operating with perhaps as many as 2000 people on a single site?

This of course is not our debate.  We are merely a recording company and certainly not here to pass political comment or give an opinion on such matters.   What we can say is that our business remains open and willing to carry out school recordings.

We already have a proven safe covid working policy as we carried out numerous recordings back in October and November 2020 without any issues.   For the moment we are sticking with our ‘Covid’ model of just 1 person from Recordings 4 Schools on site.   You can read our risk assessment Covid safe working policy here.

Recording during the Summer Term

Once schools return, it is our understanding that recordings can once again take place in schools. Initially these will be subject to reduced numbers in a bigger space (eg the school hall). Exactly how the pupils are arranged for the purpose of a recording is ultimately down to the teaching staff and indeed the Head teacher of the school.   Our position remains unchanged in that our engineer (that’s me by the way) remains distanced from the pupils at all times.  This in fact isn’t really a new thing.

Our engineer desk needs to be set up a reasonable distance away in order that the microphones are picking up the pupils singing or playing instruments.   In the majority of cases our ‘production desk’ which is basically a computer and load of other technical boxes is set up in one corner of the hall (usually near to your sound system) and we then put in a row of microphones across the front of the hall.  This means the pupils can usually enter from the opposite corner, walk up to the microphones where tape on the floor indicates where to stand.  Then all they do is sing or perform their song and the whole process has been completed with actually very little interaction from me!

Recording Setup

Booking Your School Recording

Arranging a school recording with Recordings 4 Schools couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is have a look at our availability calendar which is on the right hand side of every page. Select a date which suits you and then send us an email via our contact form.  We will then respond within 24 hours to confirm your booking.

In the event that Covid-19 or government restrictions cause a change to circumstances there is no risk to your school.  We do not ask for any deposits or up front payments.   We will always contact you a few days before the recording to confirm everything is still in place.  So if you have to cancel due to Coronavirus restrictions thats absolutely not a problem.