Recording in Schools during Covid in 2021

school recording

As we reach the 1 year anniversary of the first lockdown here in the UK, it is time to reflect on what has happened during the course of that year. For many it will have been a difficult year, whether for personal, business or financial reasons.  In fact it is difficult to think who has done well out of this situation other than perhaps Amazon and anyone else heavily involved in online distribution.

In the short period during 2020 where schools were operating, almost as normal, Recordings 4 Schools managed to get out onto the road to do some recording. In fact we were pretty busy during November, all things considered.

With schools having now returned in the UK, as of March 2021, we are hopeful that some recording work might resume during the Summer.   This is often quite a popular time to record.  As the school academic year draws to a close, schools often look for other activities, extra curricular you might term it, to get involved with.

The advantage of a school recording is that as well as being an exciting opportunity for pupils to become recording stars for the day, it is also educational and will in the majority of cases be a fundraiser for your school.

Fundraising Opportunities

With our unique business model, schools have the opportunity to raise potentially hundreds, even thousands of pounds from recording a CD.  Let’s be clear this is not some sort of get rich quick scheme or a pyramid selling system or anything remotely of that nature.

Quite simply, Recordings 4 Schools wanted to find a way to encourage Primary Schools in the UK to record CDs and digital albums.  Knowing that in almost all cases, primary schools don’t have budgets for music recording we had to come up with a better system.

Our business model is in fact very straightforward.  We charge you one all inclusive fee which covers, recording, copyright, audio production and supply of CDs.  This way there is no risk to your school. All you pay for are the CDs ordered.

No CD player?

No problem – in this world of audio streaming and digital music, all our CDs come with downloads of the audio files which you can then access in the usual way via a smart phone or computer.   In fact you don’t even need the CD, but we supply them so you have all the options for music playback.

To find out more about our school recording services during 2021 and how we deal effectively and safely with Covid then please get in touch via our contact form.