School Recording Company in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire School Recording

Recordings 4 Schools are renowned for travelling all over the UK to undertake School recordings.  However, with our base in the Cotswolds, we particularly enjoy recording at schools in Gloucestershire.   Mostly this is an entirely selfish thing as it means not getting up at 4am to drive to the other end of the country!   We are currently putting together a mail shot to primary schools in Gloucestershire. Generally we don’t do a lot of offline marketing but from time to time it is worth doing something different.

With schools in the UK now returning after lockdown, we are once again gearing ourselves up for a potentially busy season of recordings over the next few weeks and months. Our busiest times of year are traditionally the end of the Summer Term and the end of the Christmas term (that’s based on 3 terms in old money as it were!).

Gloucestershire School Recording

Our recording services are all inclusive.   The price per CD includes everything and there are absolutely no hidden extras:

  • One Day on location at your school to record all the pupils either singing or playing instruments
  • CD Artwork Design
  • Front Cover artwork designed by your pupils – run a competition
  • Audio Mastering
  • CD Production
  • Copyright Licencing
  • Digital Audio files supplied with CDs (no need for a CD player)

Opportunity to raise money for your school

Based on an order of 200 CDs at the current price (£5 per unit – March 2021) with your school selling them for £10 you can make £1000 profit.  Of course not all schools will sell 200 CDs and some might choose to sell them for less. But the more you order the cheaper the CDs become. You can find out more information on our pricing page.

Book a Free recording Session at your School

If you would like to book a free recording session at your school in Gloucestershire (or indeed anywhere else in the country!) please get in touch.   You can see our availability calendar to the right (below on a mobile browser).  All you need to do is pick a date which suits you, drop us an email and we will then confirm the booking in writing within 48 hours.