Virtual School Video Recordings

Virtual Choirs

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Recordings 4 Schools have taken some of their recordings online.   Just before Christmas 2020 we did get back out on the road and carried out a number of recordings in schools.  However, since January with schools once again being closed we have taken our work back online.

Recording Schools in the virtual world is not quite the same as a real world recording. Nevertheless it will one day form a useful historical record of these strange times which we live in.   This is why we would recommend all schools record at least one virtual video during these times.  I think we all hope that once this lockdown and pandemic ends, we won’t see a return to these days.  And so the best thing to do is to make the best of the situation.

Why record a Virtual Video?

Lockdown is a challenge for all of us.  Whether you are a teacher still engaging pupils in online lessons or a parent trying to balance work and home teaching, we are all looking for new ways to inspire each other and indeed school pupils.

The majority of primary schools we work in do a lot of singing.  Generally there is singing in the majority of school assemblies which in some cases means the pupils are singing something every morning.   Singing is good for you.  It is exercise for the body in a number of ways and therefore school pupils singing as part of their morning routine before school is a good way of getting them energised and ready to learn.

Nowhere is this more important than now.   We have all heard the stories on Radio 4 recently about pupils not actually starting any school work until 11am.  I’m sure this is the minority, but nevertheless we are living in difficult times.  And so, within the allowances of Covid restrictions, doing some singing could be exactly what we all need.

How do we record a School Virtual Video?

The recording process is somewhat different in the virtual world.  In this scenario, it is your pupils who are doing the recording, typically on their mobile phones.  Recordings 4 Schools then take all the recordings (video / audio or both) and then assemble them into the final production.

Most schools opt to record a virtual video so that you can see pupils singing on screen together.   The main point of this and indeed the beauty in such times, is you can once again hear pupils singing together.   It doesn’t have to be 4 part harmony, just singing along to their favourite songs is all they need to do.     We can help you with backing tracks and go through details of how to record the videos.

Once the videos have been recorded, we then put all the videos together and professionally master the audio.

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