Record a School CD Summer 2021

School Recordings

With the route out of lockdown remaining on course here in the UK, Recordings 4 Schools are delighted to announce that Summer School recordings can go ahead as planned.  Our diary has been filling up for a while now, but there are still plenty of opportunities.     We typically record CDs and digital albums in Primary Schools all over the UK.  Our business model is very simple. There is no up front cost and your school should make a small profit from sales of CDs or digital albums.

On this basis therefore, there is every reason for your school to consider booking a recording with us in the Summer Term of 2021.  We were out and about recording during the last quarter of 2020 and so our covid safe basis for recordings has a proven track record.

Keeping Safe during Covid-19

We all hope that by the Summer, the covid pandemic will be causing minimal disruption to our lives.  It may never disappear, but in the UK at least, it seems to be a little more under control than perhaps has been the case previously.   However, we are not scientists and are not intending to create any predictions, start any rumours or make rash unqualified statements.  All we can say is that if the lockdown continues to ease as is currently planned, along with our Covid Safe Plan, we should be good to continue recording throughout the Summer Term.

Our Covid Risk assessment still applies as much today as it did last November when we were recording Christmas Albums.  Indeed a lot of the statement is about improved hygiene and cleanliness.  Whilst the nature of our business is not such that equipment gets dirty on any level, we have every intention of maintaining the highest possible standards regardless of Covid.

This means that you can be confident a recording undertaken by Recordings 4 Schools will be done so to the highest possible standard.  We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our recordings, but also on the presentation of our team members and the professionalism of our setup.

Booking your School Recording

If you would like to record at your school this Summer, or indeed any other time then please just get in touch via our contact form or simply give us a call on 01225 302143.