School Fundraising Ideas – Free School CD Recording

school fundraising

School fundraising is an ongoing challenge for Primary Schools all over the UK.  Whether you are looking to invest in a new building or simply more books and resources for your primary school, there will always be a case for finding more money.     Recordings 4 Schools are not specifically a fundraising company. However, probably 90% or more of our recordings, whether CD or Digital end up being extremely good fundraising opportunities for schools.

Recording an album is traditionally thought of as an expensive idea.  Indeed, if you want to hire Abbey Road to record your latest album then you would need to find a 5 figure sum at the very least.   Here at Recordings 4 Schools we do things slightly differently.

Fundraising from your School Recording

For a start there is no upfront cost.  You only pay after the recording for the number of CDs ordered.   Most importantly in today’s digital age of audio streaming, you don’t actually need the CD.  Each package will contain both a CD and access to the digital media.

This means that for every CD your school sells, you are likely to make a profit of around £3-5 depending on the quantity ordered.  By way of example, if you purchase 200 CDs for £5 each and then sell them all for £10 your school will end up with a profit of £1000.  That’s not a bad deal from something which hasn’t cost you anything and took place in school without any other expense or complication.

Booking your Free School Recording

Recordings 4 Schools are now taking bookings for Summer Recordings in 2021.   With the route out of lockdown well on target here in the UK we are once again going into schools, in a Covid safe way to record.  If you would like to book a recording at your Primary School this Summer then please get in touch. You can email us via our contact form or if you prefer give us a call on 01225 302143