School Fundraising Workshops – Recording a Free CD

Recording Schools

Recordings 4 Schools have been running free school recording sessions and workshops all over the UK for nearly 20 years now. Well ok, technically 17 years!  During this time, we have been to hundreds of schools and have literally travelled to all four corners of England, Scotland and Wales – several times over.  We love the work we do, and whilst recent events in the world have slowed down the number of recordings we have done, we are now very much ready for business again and already starting to go back into schools.

The recording is of course a really positive and engaging activity for pupils to get involved in.  Predominantly, although not exclusively, our school work is focussed on Primary Schools.  Certainly this is where the majority of our fundraising work is centred.

Fundraising in your school

There are many really imaginative ways you can fundraise for your school.   Things have moved on quite a bit from mugs and tea towels being sold at the school fair! Just some of the ideas we have come across when talking to the schools we record in would include:

Organise a Sponsored Swim

You don’t even need your own school pool – this is a good chance to go out into the community and team up with the local sports facility.   Most schools offer or will know of swimming lessons. Maybe you have some very keen swimmers in your school who would love to put their talents to good use.

Contact a Local Celebrity

Maybe a famous alumni was at your school?  We once recorded in the primary school attended by Daniel Craig and we have done a couple of recordings in the school which was attended by Mick Jagger.

Get your PTA involved

The PTA is often our point of contact in schools we work with and its important to get them involved.  All the lovely people we have spoken to and worked with on PTA’s just can’t wait to get involved with school activities.

Bake and Sell Cakes

Who doesn’t love cake?  Its the tried and tested method of fundraising, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still just as valid in the 21st century.   Cakes always go down well in schools – whether its the Friday bring a cake to work day or it’s someones birthday.   Well why not extend this to the whole school – get the pupils baking and then selling their cakes either in school or in the local community.

How can you fundraise from a recording?

It may not seem the most obvious school fundraising idea. After all, making a recording is an expensive business?   Think of Abbey Road – it costs tens of thousands of pounds to hire that for a day and that’s before you even start with album production and promotion.

Recordings 4 Schools however,  turned this thinking on its head and came up with a solution which instead of costing thousands will in fact cost you nothin, and then to boot will also make money for your school.   The premise is very simple.

Stage 1 – Recording takes place at your school

Recordings 4 School will come to your school anywhere in the UK and spend a day recording with you.  Usually this is a song with each year group plus a whole school song.  You may also have some instrumental groups or a choir that you’d like to participate.   On the day our engineer will guide you through the process and help get the best sound possible.

Stage 2 – Create the Artwork

You can find templates for CD artwork on our download page.    Most schools will run a competition to design the front cover of the CD. However, to make the process as inclusive as possible we can usually get in about 10 pieces of artwork into the CD booklet which gives lots of pupils a chance to participate and encourages take up of the design competition.

If you ensure you have the winning designs ready by the day of your recording we can usually put the artwork together for you on the recording day which speeds up the process of getting CDs back to the school within a week of the recording session.

Stage 3 – Order Your CDs / Digital Albums

Most schools will take pre orders in advance of the recording day.  You don’t have to give us the final order at the time of the recording – often we find that when pupils go home from the recording day this boosts CD sales.

Importantly – don’t forget all our CDs include free access to a digital copy of the album so you don’t actually need a CD player.

Stage 4 – Take Delivery of your CDs

CDs will arrive at your school usually within 3-5 days of the order being created and artwork being signed off.  It is not until this point that we will invoice your school for the number of albums ordered.  Most schools tend to get money in advance for the CD orders.  This means it really is a no cost option for your school as you won’t generally have to find any money up front and will end up with a tidy little profit after sales of the albums.

Find out more

If you would like to find out just how easy it is to record an album and fundraise for your school then please get in touch on 01225 302143 or click here to email us via our contact form