Primary School Fundraising Ideas Summer Term

School Fundraising

As we rapidly approach the end of this school year, and with Covid still ever present in our lives and workplaces, schools are looking at safe activities to engage pupils with.  At Recordings 4 Schools, the end of the Summer term is one of our busier times as lots of schools produce albums in recognition of the year six leavers.

This year has been a strange one in terms of our work in schools. We did undertake a lot of Christmas recordings in the brief respite between lockdowns but have done very little recording in the first half of 2021.   However, even despite the pending news from Boris suggesting that lock down isn’t about to be totally eased any time soon it is still possible for schools to make a recording.

Covid Safe School Recordings

During the Christmas recording season, one of the things we usefully achieved was testing and proving our Covid Safe recording methods.  Singing is still coming in for a lot of flack from various quarters but there is still actually very little if any science to say it isn’t safe.   We are not here to question the scientists and have no wish to add fuel to an already heated debate, but with correct distancing and ventilation there is indeed no reason why singing cannot safely take place in primary schools.

To help improve things we are able to multi track recordings and record smaller groups which are then stitched together in the final production.  This way we have been able to record class by class and then put the recordings together to give the impression and sound of the whole school singing at once.


A school recording is a great way to fundraise for your school.   Not only is it a project which involves all your pupils but it is something rather different from the run of the mill fundraising activities.   Ok so the days of selling mugs and tea towels might be gone but even so to make your own recording is pretty special.  How many kids don’t want to be recording stars for the day and appear on their very own album.

Recordings 4 Schools can make this happen with our unique model for recording in Primary Schools.   Not only is there no up front cost to your school but you will even make a small profit from album sales.

All inclusive project

As well as recording the CD and digital album we encourage schools to run a competition to create the CD artwork.  This same artwork will also appear on the digital album.

If you would like to find out more about how your primary school can benefit and fundraise from making a recording please contact us for more details.