Primary School Fundraising – Record a CD

Business Planning

With everything still looking positive in regards to an end in sight for the Covid 19 pandemic, or at least some hope for a slightly more normal latter half of 2021, we are delighted to be back out on the road recording in primary Schools.

Recording a CD or digital album is a great way for Primary schools to raise funds, but also engage pupils in an exciting project which can involve the whole school.   Recordings 4 Schools have been in business since 2004 and specialise in professional on location recordings in Primary Schools throughout the UK.

A CD Recording Project

Our Primary School Recordings are designed to be an engaging activity that your whole school can take part in.   Whether you are recording singing, poetry, audio books or instruments / bands, we can provide you with a professional recording service which is second to none.    As standard we provide our recordings on CD in a stylish cardboard wallet.  However, we realise that CDs are fast being replaced by digital media, so our recordings also include free digital access.  So by purchasing a ‘CD’ you are also getting a digital copy meaning there is no need to have access to a CD player.

What can you record at your school?

  • Singing – either by class / year group of whole school *
  • Poetry and readings
  • Audio Books **
  • Instrumental playing
  • School Bands
  • Solo Singing either to instrumental accompaniment or backing tracks

*During the covid19 Pandemic we can record smaller groups singing and then merge them together either to create whole year groups of even the illusion of the whole school singing together.   Please contact us for more details. 

**As well as recording audio books we can also provide background music to enhance the production. 

How about Fundraising?

We realised long ago, in fact before we even started our business that Primary Schools do not have budgets for making recordings.   Traditionally recordings are thought to cost thousands of pounds, even tens of thousands and require a trip to a recording studio, probably somewhere in central London.

Realistically that is never going to be a viable option for any school. The logistics alone combining with the school day would make this prohibitive.  And so we turned this model on its head.

Firstly, we come to your school to make the recording.  Our engineers will arrive around 7.30am and will turn your school hall into a recording studio for the day.  We then record throughout your school day usually by class or year group which means the least disruption for your pupils.   In most cases each year group will record one or two songs and perhaps we will record a whole school song either at the beginning or the end of the day.   In some cases we also record a staff song.

As we record throughout the day with no time limits, other than the limitations of your school day, you are free to set the timetable so it works for your school.

Selling the CDs

We are often asked why we still produce CDs.  The time will probably soon come where everything is entirely digital but for now the feedback is that people like having a physical product.   However more and more, the physical element of the product is really just the packaging. But that’s also good because we involve the pupils in the artwork and often up to 10 or more pupils can have their design featured on the CD packaging which makes it an even more inclusive project.

By having a physical product to sell this makes it easier for schools to make more money from the album.  Our experience has shown that if you just make a digital album available for sale on a website there is little interaction and it is consequently harder for schools to make a profit.

CDs or indeed the packaging create a physical item which can be sold.  In most cases the CD (inclusive of the recording) will cost around £5.  The majority of primary schools will sell each CD for between £8 and £10 thus making a good profit on each one.

If you would like to find out just how easy it is to record a CD or digital album at your school then please get in touch