School Singing – New Rules – Recording an Album in School

School recording

Summer it seems has finally arrived here in the UK.  And along with it the first glimpse of sunshine and a reminder of what long hot summer days are all about. However, we are still some way off from the start of the School Summer Holidays and for many pupils there are still a number of weeks to be spent in the classroom.

This is all a far cry from 12 months ago when the Covid Pandemic was affecting schools in an even bigger way than now.  Of course that’s not to say it’s all business as usual. Far from it.  There are still daily debates on Radio 4 about how schools can cope with the pandemic.  Should masks be worn in the corridors? What about bubbles mixing?  Even with the latest government announcement on 14 June there is still a high degree of uncertainty.  The only concession it seems is weddings.

So where does this leave school recordings? Can they go ahead? 

Well the simple answer is yes.  Since March 23 2020, Recordings 4 Schools and their parent company 4 Part Music Ltd have been absolutely sticking to the rules and following government guidelines.   We have always taken pride on operating in a safe and responsible manner.  And nowhere has this been tested more than over the last 12-15 months.

As a business the pandemic has affected us hugely.  Other than a few recordings in the run up to Christmas last year, we hardly traded at all between March and November. Our turnover was reduced by 90% compared to previous years and 2021 hasn’t started much better for us.

However, with the rules for schools permitting some activities, it is again plausible to undertake a school recording.  Added to this, our COVID policy has been proven by the work we did in December.

Recording is a great way to create a memento for your year 6 leavers.  Every summer (with the exception of 2020!) we are incredibly busy from May onwards recording in Primary Schools all over the UK.   This year (2021) has been slow to get off the ground but we are now starting to ramp up the bookings for Recording sessions throughout June and into July.

As well as the recording, we also involve pupils in a competition to design the CD artwork.  A question we are often asked is why do you still record CDs when everything is digital.

Well the answer is very simple.  All our albums are also available digitally, however schools tell us it is much easier to sell a physical product compared to just an audio download.

Moreover the CD packaging is a great way to include relevant information and indeed artwork designed by your pupils,. This is not just limited to the front cover. We can include multiple designs as part of the CD packaging.


CD Front Cover

To find out more and book your recording with us this Summer please get in touch.