School CD Recording in London

Year 6 Recording

Our third school recording this Summer (numbers have been greatly impacted by the Covid 19 Pandemic) took us to the Eastern edge of London.  Specifically we were at St Joseph’s Primary School in Broadway, just outside of Barking.    This particular recording just featured the Year 6 leavers (class of 2020/2021).

Unlike our recent recording in Worcester, this recording required a slightly early start to get to the far side of London (well to us it’s the far side!).  We are always delighted to record anywhere in the UK, but London often poses the biggest challenge logistically as the M25 seems to start getting busy from as early as 06.30am nowadays.  And in order to guarantee getting to the school by 07.30am this can be quite an early start in some cases.  Fortunately St Joseph’s decided they didnt want to start recording before 9.30am at the earliest.  However, this creates us another dilemma because if you’re not careful by leaving slightly later the journey can in fact then take considerably longer as you end up being caught up in rush hour.

Taking all this into account, we decided to aim to arrive at our usual time – it simply meant there was time to find a spot of breakfast in the local vicinity before venturing into the school.   Our recording rig takes around 45 minutes to an hour to set up, so arriving at the school by 8.30am meant there was plenty of time.

School Recording Session

Once set up the pupils were then brought into the hall to start recording.   We recorded a selection of 8 songs – 7 were performed by the pupils and 1 final song (Hakuna Matata from the Lion King) was performed by the two music staff members.   The singing across all the songs was again extremely good.  This was against a backdrop of the school year 6 having recently been at home in isolation due to Covid rules in place at the time.   As a result the number of rehearsals together had been extremely limited and the pupils were encouraged to listen to and learn the songs at home.

The Album (Keep Moving Forward) is currently available for sale on our online shop.