School CD Recording – Stagecoach Bournemouth

Stage Coach bournemouth

Recordings 4 Schools were absolutely delighted to be back out on the road recording again after what has seemed a very long time.  In fact our last recordings took place in December 2020 when there was a brief respite from lockdown.

Our first recording for 2021 would normally have been at some point in January. Of course due to the Covid Pandemic it was actually June before we were back out on the road recording again.   Our destination was Bournemouth.  The client – Stagecoach.     This is not our first album with Stagecoach as we have recorded with a couple of these schools before, but it was our first outing for Stagecoach Bournemouth.

The Recording at Stagecoach

With a venue in the centre of Bournemouth, we made our way down the night before – mostly this was to avoid an early start.  You could say that after 6 months the idea of leaving home at 4am has lost its appeal!

Arriving at just after 8am we had an hour or so to set up before the first group of Stagecoach Pupils arrived.  Our brief was two fold. In the morning we had a number of groups to record singing.  Generally this was around 15 – 20 at a time – all suitably socially distanced of course.

Stagecoach Bournemouth

Stage Coach Radio Play

After lunch, kindly provided to us by the Principal, we then reset in order to record a radio play – The Turn of the Screw.

This meant recorded approximately 12 pupils with dialogue as well as some Foley.  In fact it was a bit like recording The Archers you might say!

Foley Recording

Not wishing in any way to over do things (!!) we used one of our SoundField microphones to record the Foley which enabled us to properly blend the foley with the dialogue in post production.

Recording in Your School

As well as Stage Coach and other performing arts schools such as the PQA Academy, Recordings 4 Schools record in all types of school anywhere in the UK.

If you would like to record a CD at your Primary School or perhaps you are a secondary school with an exceptional choir, then Recordings 4 Schools have the skills and expertise to undertake this recording.   Our clients range from Primary Schools through to University’s – including Chapel Choirs at the Universities of Oxford and St Andrews.