Free Recording Sessions – Terms & Conditions

In certain circumstances Recordings 4 Schools (The Company) offer a free Recording session to Primary Schools (The Customer). To take advantage of this, The Customer must meet certain criteria as detailed below:

School Recordings – Qualification for a Free Recording Session

1.1 Free Recording Sessions are only available where The Customer is a Primary School located in Mainland UK.

1.2 In order to qualify for a free recording session every pupil currently attending The Customer’s Primary School must take part in the recording session and perform in order to feature on the CD in some way.

1.3 Where an agreement has been made for a number of CDs to be supplied, the cost of the CDs will be inclusive of recording and studio time. Current pricing of the CD’s are shown on our website.

1.4 In order to qualify for a Free Recording Session The Customer must order a minimum of 50 CDs from The Company at the rate currently displayed on the Company’s website at

1.5 If the Company does not receive artwork files and a confirmed order for at least 50 CDs within 30 days of the recording session they will invoice The Customer for the recording session(s) at a rate of £500 per day. This money will be due immediately from The Customer upon receipt of invoice.

1.6 Where clause 1.5 does not apply, payment for school recordings is due in full from The Customer 7 days following delivery of the CDs to The Customer’s premises.

1.7 Late payments in respect of 1.4 and 1.5 above will be subjected to penalty charges and interest at the current applicable rate which will accumulate until the invoice and additional charges are paid in full.


These Terms and Conditions are supplementary to our full Terms and conditions which are available to view here